Brunettes are trending this year but more than that they are classic.. We have a few suggestions on how to do brunette different this year.

Go for multi-depth reflection. Start with a base color and add in two or more tones to go along side it. They can be sprinkled throughout or whispering ribbons. The key is to do opposite tones. For example if you have a medium chocolate brown and want to pair it with caramel tones we recommend adding in some smokey brown or some lavender brown. The contrast creates this opalescent effect that is both delightful and unexpected.

Instead of going with a full theme of permanent color or demi-permanent color from root to end. Mix up your overall look with some varied formulas in dimensional pieces. This may not look alot different walking out of the salon but in time as your color wears the dimension will fade in variety of speeds, giving you a new color every few washes. This is such a great way to get the most out of your service by allowing it to transform from the weeks after having it done.

Brunettes can get away with more so go bold! What do we mean? Pick a shade you wouldn’t normally lean towards and try something new. Because the brunettes are darker the different shade doesn’t feel as dramatic as blonde or vivid colors. Brunettes can play with tone more than blondes can and can be worn with more flexibility because of the richness.

HOT TIP: Upgrading your home hair care routine will make your color shine and pop for even longer!

For fun color inspirations check out these links:

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