It’s Wednesday and as promised here I am to share some of my heart and wisdom. I don’t know about all of you but I am loving this change of season. I get excited about new beginnings and shedding what no longer serves me.


Let’s talk for a minute about change. How many of you feel like when you see change coming you instantly dive for another direction? Or maybe you mercilessly hang on to where you are at with white knuckles? Change can be super overwhelming and we often find our self unprepared for the unknown. The feeling of grief can be present if what you had wished had happened didn’t and anxiety can make you feel like time is slipping away. If this feels like you then I’m glad you are here.

Here is why I love change and how I make transitions easier in my life:

1- A big life change or season transition makes the perfect reason to say so long to things that don’t serve you. Use it as your reason if it makes it easier. Maybe you need to say so long to a friendship or a job or that tub of ice cream every night. Whatever it is “this season I need to try something different” is the perfect reason.

2- A change of season, location or any other big change makes closure easier. Leave the season in the past and previous chapter now focus on the present. Stop allowing your past to rob you of your life.

3- When things are new I feel recharged and renewed. Just like a fresh new outfit or head of hair. There is more perk in my step when the page of my life is blank for me to fill.

4- A new season of life allows a new perspective. Often there are conversations that stick with us during a transition that help us to take the leap of faith. Maybe it’s something your friend said or you heard on a podcast but either way you feel clearer on something from the season you are leaving…. wiser.

Just like the cycles of our life the weather is every changing and the promise of a new season is a fresh of breath air. Go take a leap of faith. Try something new. You deserve it.

I hope you feel inspired and thank you for taking the time to read my heart.

Chantel Funk

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