Every week I sit down and decide on a topic to share with you that is a part of my life and how I navigate it. This week, following the time change and the shift in weather I want to touch base with you about moving your body. This may sound super cliche but I can speak from it first hand and how it has positively influenced my life.
My journey with exercise started in grade 4 when I enrolled on a team of synchronized swimmers. Within a couple years I was swimming 6 times a week, with one day being twice in the same day. Pool time was super early before school and most of the time after school. Sessions were typically two hours minimum without rest or getting out of the pool. Always in the deep end. I was obsessed with fitness and strength. Endurance was a struggle for me even then. After a few years and many competitions the cost just became too much and I didn’t enrol. I had always wished I was able to continue and had gone to nationals. After synchro I never truly found another match for exercise. I dabbled with basketball and other sports.
When I was in my last year of high school I started at a gym, in my 20’s I started long walks and different classes but nothing fit for me. The gym was good but I always felt an inconvenience in going. I think my struggle was that I felt the pressure to do something. After having kids, the loss of my dad and the pressure of having a business I felt the need to expel my stress hormones and physically push myself to see what I was capable of. When Covid hit my community my life was forced to slow down and in turn get creative with my routine. This was a time when the world felt like my oyster with routine. I also felt the need to show up for myself and learn what would happen if I didn’t quit. So after walking for three months straight I went for a run.
Picture this. It’s pouring rain and I am running down the street with a big fat smile from ear to ear and face to the sky. I was thrilled. I had not been a runner for a thousand reasons. Or so I told myself I wasn’t a runner. That changed when I told myself a different story. “You are running! You did it! You are a runner!” I never looked back and have been continuing to run twice a week. I’m obsessed and this is the first time since synchro that I felt this good.
So who cares right? Well, listen up. Moving your body doesn’t have to be anything other than whatever you got that day. It can be dancing with your cat, lifting your kids from here to there, doing yoga with a friend or ANYTHING. The point is that you need to find something that works for you. When you do move your body you release brain chemicals that lift your mood, increase your energy and reduce pain in your body. It’s all natural and requires nothing other than showing up for you. 30 minutes a day or a few longer sessions a week will remarkably change your life. I am proof.
During this dark and depressing season of weather I encourage you to give it a try. Pick something you have always wanted to do or maybe something you never thought you could. Do it for you. Don’t feel the need to post about it, it can be your secret. You got this.


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