Oh 2020, what a wild and wonderful year it has been. This past week I took some time to reflect on my vision board for 2020. I happened to make three of them throughout the year. The first one at the beginning of January as per usual but the other two were my refocus boards when things felt lost and out of control. I am happy to report that I managed to nail down my goals for 2020 despite all the shenanigans. That being said, this has been my third year doing a vision board to start the year paired with goal setting, intentional planning and discipline. It works. Having your goals put on paper and out of your head where you can see them every day will absolutely help you stay focused. Here are my suggestions on how to create a clear vision board for goal setting.
1- Pick two values you want to focus on for the year. For example, last year I chose CREATE + INSPIRE. Make them large and in the center of your board where everything stems from. Other values could be: health, wealth, family, faith etc.
2- Make a list of your responsibilities (work and personal) and a list of your specific goals/things you want to do more of. These items may include: parenting, management, cooking, writing, painting, run 10k, hike Mt. Thom and so on. Place these items generally around your center values and spread them out on the board.
3- What are the feelings you want to strive for? Make a list and add them on your board. Some examples are: financial freedom, satisfaction, joy, peace, strength, connection and fulfillment.
4- Add visual imagery that will help you easily see and feel these things rather than just reading them.
Here’s the thing. When you get specific about your values (that you want to focus one), your goals and the feelings you want to have in the big picture for the year you stay focused on those rather than getting lost in the details of how to get there. Most of us get overwhelmed by the journey it will take and we quit before we even get started. Any goal requires a lump of small tasks, movements and daily work to get there. One day at a time. One foot in front of the other. I cant surely tell you that I never have any idea how I am going to do the things I want to do. However, staying focused on the goal both visually, intentionally and eventually subconsciously these things will manifest their way to happening.
You have control over what your mind dwells on. Whatever you choose to dwell on you will become so make sure its where you want to be and not where you have been.

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Check out my three boards for 2020.
Have an amazing week friends!

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