Creative Energy

Making space for creative energy could sound like a completely foreign idea to you. Maybe you are not a creative person in your mind or maybe you are so creative you don’t need to carve out time for your energy to flow. Chances are you land somewhere in between which is just like me. There … More Creative Energy


What is doubt? Why do we give it so much authority in our lives? We doubt our abilities, our time, our identity, we doubt others, we doubt literally everyone and everything. Well, to me doubt is the opposite to trust. By definition trust is: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone … More Doubt

How to do it all.

Wouldn’t we all love to know just that, how to do it all. Society seems to advertise that there is one big secret the universe is keeping from us. That if we just do this or buy that, that everything will click perfectly into place. The irony of this idea is that it couldn’t be … More How to do it all.