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It’s mid January. You may already be wondering how you are going to sustain your new goal and doubting your abilities to keep going with it. Or maybe you may have mastered that new thing and you are already wondering what is next. Wherever you are at with your new year I am sure you have felt the need to reflect on the previous year with hopes 2021 will be better and likely set intentions on what your year might look like. The idea that we can mentally close a chapter and pick up with a new one can be the most liberating feeling, enough that we find some motivation to keep going. Again, I will say it. Its only mid January ( day 1848380349500 of 2020) and the world has already felt like its progressed in its shit show to a new level of insanity. Its terrifying, discouraging and if I am being honest, disappointing. All of these mixed feelings can leave you feeling confused and foggy about your goals.

A common theme for 2020 was to be okay with surviving. Doing your best meant getting through the date, week or month. A necessary idea when life is overwhelming and one is unable to get their footing. Any hard season in life requires time to rest, time to decompress and to re-center one’s self. Every hard season is different and some require more reflection and meditation. This sounds all doom and gloom but I promise there is a point here.

Trauma – This is a word you probably haven’t even associated with for 2020. Now, I am not an expert on psychology or anything in this field. I do however know how to identify it and have navigated my way through trauma numerous times. In this article you can understand more about how 2020 has had a traumatic impact on your life. The key points are:

  • Emotional and psychological trauma can be caused by ongoing, relentless stress, such as a global pandemic. As well as a deeply disappointing experiences (pandemic losses).
  • Normal responses to trauma are:
    • Emotional & psychological symptoms:Shock, denial, or disbelief
      Confusion, difficulty concentrating
      Anger, irritability, mood swings
      Anxiety and fear
      Guilt, shame, self-blame
      Withdrawing from others
      Feeling sad or hopeless
      Feeling disconnected or numb
    • Physical symptoms:Insomnia or nightmares
      Being startled easily
      Difficulty concentrating
      Racing heartbeat
      Edginess and agitation
      Aches and pains
      Muscle tension

The article goes on to talk about tips on how to get through trauma and find healing. Its a great read and very insightful.

Moving along, if we haven’t truly processed 2020 and worked through the devastating effects it has had on us we will find it harder to make strides towards a different year that are sustainable. Being well, I mean truly well means taking care of every part of yourself. Your well-being matters and the only person who can make it a priority is YOU!

When we take a look at what we want for our life I am certain this past year was not a part of that picture. 2021 does not have to be a repeat of horrific and traumatizing events. We have a choice to equip ourselves with what it takes to thrive during horrible and challenging seasons. Resiliency is a quality worth knowing and becoming. Trust me when I say this is a quality within myself I have learned to grow and lean on more than I would like. The thing about resiliency is, when you know you have survived hard things time and time again and come out the other side whole you are able to change your mindset around what may be coming. It is kind of like using the “hard thing” as a fuel source for motivation vs the reason who are unable to make progress. We find a way through the hard season with a deeper understanding of what we are made of and who we are. We are motivated and inspired to see how refined we will be on the other side.

Photo by David Leveque via Unsplash

So how are you going to show up for 2021? How are you going to show up for your life? This is how. I want you to make a list of all of the qualities you gained in 2020 for yourself. How did you grow? What did that look like? This activity will rewire the way you think and in turn your feelings and behavior about 2020. When we can rewrite the narrative we tell ourselves we can unpin the trauma from our emotional and psychological subconscious energy and free ourselves to move forward. Why move forward you ask? Here is my why that I hope will encourage you to find yours.

We have one life guys. One dang life and it is ours. We get to decide. We are not promised tomorrow and although this sounds cliché I can whole heartedly speak from a place of great loss. When you loose someone unexpectedly it forces you to wake up and stop taking your life for granted. Loosing my Dad was the biggest traumatic event I ever survived and the lessons I learned are immeasurable. We have one dang life to live and we better not waste it. We are here for a reason and YOU have a purpose greater than surviving 2020 or whatever hard season you are enduring. You are strong and you can do hard things. You deserve the best in this life. A life full of deep satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness.

Photo by ALif Ngoylung via Unsplash

So I will ask you again, how are you going to show up for YOU? How are you going to show up for your life? The answer lies in two things. First you need to get crystal clear on what you want for your life in great detail. Get really specific. Second you need to work on these goals DAILY. Not weekly or monthly but really live into them as who you are everyday. If you see yourself being a marathon runner you need to know what a marathon runner would eat throughout the week, sleep, and how they would train. You cannot just show up on running day and be a marathon runner. You have to be that marathon runner every day. If you want to be a great manager you don’t get to pick and choose which moments you want to be one. You have to identify what it means to be a great manager, what it looks like and how a great manager would act, behave and treat their staff. You have to own that identity 24/7 and show up for that responsibility even when no one is looking. What you do matters. How you spend your time matters. The quality of your life d e p e n d s on the quality of your habits and daily routine. Whatever you set out to do or be you need to be that every day, all the time. You need to show up for your life every day with intention and take action.

I love you guys and I want to see you all thriving,


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